White God & Gold God

Although I’m not religious, there are at least two Gods I believe in…

1. A White God, * whom I simply call “God.” He is the man in the sky who hears our prayers and answers them, so long as they are not in conflict with our destiny or personal growth. But no matter what, when we reach out to him, he will respond with care and love. He is above all our friend.

2. A Gold God, whom I call “God the Father.” He is the watchmaker who created the laws which run the universe. There is no need to pray to him, because he has already constructed the universe to run according to the highest good of all. Plus, he is far away, standing outside the world as he watches it turn.

He does, however, contain vast reservoirs of intelligence and wisdom that we can tap into, and also the Virtues. Virtues are, of course, things like honesty, courage, kindness etc. But on the golden level, they are power sources built into the fabric of the universe. By tapping into them we release external forces as well as internal ones.

Basically, the Virtues are stars- shining above us from all directions- with some diametrically opposed to others (frugality vs generosity, for example.) When we embody a virtue, we unleash a powerful wind blowing us in that star’s direction. If we tap into the right virtue, one that is aligned with our destiny, we will experience this as powerful forces of synchronicity coming to play in our favor, helping us to achieve our purpose. But if we tap into the wrong virtue, one that is not aligned with our destiny, it can be a disaster, carrying us into a foreign life where our strengths are useless. Or worse still, blowing us into a hostile world where our gifts are liabilities.

This is why I have yet to tap into any virtues myself. I don’t have the self-knowledge to know if I ought to be jovial or sober, trusting or crafty. But one day I look forward to doing it. Who wants to slog their way through life when they could be blown swiftly away by forces beyond their control?


* Given the mood of the moment with everyone on the lookout for racism, I feel the need to point out that this God being white has nothing to do with “white people.” At any rate, he is not the “white” color of Caucasian skin, he is white like bones, the color of bones that all humans and animals share.

The Pine Fairy Loses Faith but Clings to Survival

This is the third song about the pine fairy, who has left behind civilization in order to become a magician.




Weak and alone, limping out of my home
Digging holes in a row with my hoe

Cold and inhuman you know that I am
Growing my cabbages on frozen land
Calling up screams with the touch of my hand, that’s the plan.

Someday the stars will return to their place
Someday the night will grow clear
But when the sky touched his skin, the first thing he felt was fear.

Look each way twice, then the crackling of ice
Then the reaching down deep where they sleep

I heard the stories; I hoped they were mine
Blowing like winds through the forest of pine
I drank the kool-aid, I thought it was wine at the time.

Someday the stars will return to their place
Some day the night will grow clear
But when the sky touched his skin, the first thing he felt was fear.

I heard the stories they seemed seemed so alive
Like a dancer inside of my head
I heard the words and I followed them all though
The ones who had spoke them were dead…

Crackling the dream, it began with a scream
Then the tree toppled down on the ground.

Winds circled round till direction was gone
Scrambled the stars but I had to keep on
Clutching at cabbages losing all heat in my feet.

Someday the stars will return to their place
Someday the night will grow clear
But when the sky touched his skin, the first thing he felt was fear.


Mp3: The Pine Fairy Loses Faith but Clings to Survival

Introduction to the Pine Fairy



The stars and moon were calling
but he didn’t hear.
The night was cold and piney
it was clear.
He stayed inside and cried
as though somebody died.
His heart was breaking in two
on the inside.

The owls were cold and silver;
they were harsh.
Green things were fermenting
deep within the marsh.
He rested his head down,
a king without a crown.
The staff held in his hand
was made of larch.

Why did he cry?
Cause he was learning to love himself.
But why?
Because no love came from anybody else.
People say they care
but they can’t always be there.
At times it’s best to think
of something else.

The stars were going crazy
on a whim.
Tomorrow night he may be there
dancing right beside them.
But right now he is tired.
His brain is blue and mired.
The produce on his shelf
has all expired.

Why is he tired?
Because he’s learning to love himself.
But why?
Because he can’t get love
from anybody else.
He lives in a forest of pine.
His home is hard to find.
No one has knocked upon his door
in the longest time.


Download MP3: Introduction to the Pine Fairy