Give Me Money

Okay, life has forced me to officially recognize the importance of money & I have developed a number of ways that you can transfer some of your money to me. (In some cases without even letting go of it!)

1. If you like to make money yourself and are interested in cryptocurrencies (or at least recognize their relevance) please consider buying some Cardano & staking it with my pool AKLEI. This does not entail giving me any money- it actually means you will receive money from my pool each time we make a “block.” See here for more details.

2. If you would like an astrology reading click here for more details.

3. Are you the sort of person who likes to throw a dog a bone? If so, please consider getting me something from my Amazon Wishlist & I will be very grateful.

4. Or if you would just like to slide me a touch of bitcoin, here is my address.

BTC: 33g6GfYV6XZPYkYKFaS2pYcARz1DwpaT56

I have never wanted to be one of those annoying ‘support the arts’ people, but at the same time I am trying to balance my desire to create & share things for free with a growing urge to not die. Oh and also a growing urge to live in a giant mansion on the coast of Maine. So if we can get involved financially in any way, I would love it!