The Pine Fairy

Many of my songs are about people tortured by circumstances beyond their control until they eventually undergo some radical transformation. The Pine Fairy is no exception. It is his destiny to be plagued by loss, loneliness, and the feebleness of old age for approximately 3,000 years. He loses family, friends, home, tribe, strength, and red blood cells. He compensates for this by building the coziest home that a man on his own is able. But ultimately, there is no way around the coldness of his destiny, and much of his long twilight is spent crying into his tea and shaking in the cold night air.

Why? What is the meaning of it all? Having never been through such a process myself, it is hard for me to say. But I do know that at the end of the few thousand years, he becomes a flying bone- a being very similar to an angel. It may be the case that angels are formed through a similar process. Do you ever wonder where angels come from and how they became elevated above men? Did they study hard and conscientiously save 10% of their income? Did they help thousands of orphans cross the street?  Or did they cry away their whole heart until there was nothing left but an empty hollow? Did a spirit then enter that hollow and teach them things that no man can know?

Lyrics, Free Downloads & More Information:

  1. Introduction to the Pine Fairy (Video)
  2. The Arrival of the Robed Spirits (Video)
  3. The Pine Fairy Loses Faith but Clings to Survival (Video)
  4. The Pine Fairy is Blasted by the Past on His Way to Capture a Saturnine Wind (Video)
  5. Electricity (Video)
  6. Pine Trees Fall (Video)
  7. Rape of the Pine Fairy  
  8. The Red Door (Video)
  9. Ben (Video)
  10. The Pine Fairy Takes a Stroll
  11. Brothers
  12. The Green King