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Like A String

(Originally published March 9th 2023, but my website went down so I am trying to resurrect the posts that were lost.)

Okay I was underachieving a little harder than normal today with this picture.

Like a piece of string dangling in something you wrote
Hanging there on a chair in the darkness and oh
Feel the clouds rushing in and I start to feel hazy

So I think about you like a drink in my mind
Stir it round pour it down and im wondering why
With your eyes to the side make me feel like I’m crazy

With your hair and the palm of your hand
If you wanted to I could believe.
All the things that nobody can teach you
You learn when you’re down on your knees.

You were lost in a world where the pieces don’t fit
Break a bottle in anger and stare at the bits
Beams of light on the stage casting diamonds so dreamy

Break a piece of a candle to hold in your mind
Your whole face is a mask no one knows what’s behind
But for now hold it down in the darkness we’re dreaming

There it stood open three feet between us
A whole world that nobody knew.
Close my eyes, maybe I could be dreaming
Cause sometimes I feel so confused.

When we step on the stage then we step in the war
My mind breaks I don’t know how to think anymore
Crumple down to the ground where the red lights are beaming

Say you won’t hurt me, the palm of your hand
If you wanted to I could believe.
All those things that we promise
To hold in the darkness where no one can see.

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The Gleaming Atmosphere

Drag me cross the floor
Tell me that I’m dead
Music fills my ears
Lightning fills my head and it’s like ah….You’ve been there all along.

Push me on the ground
Pick me up again
Push me down and laugh at me
You don’t know who I am and it’s like ah…. I’ve been here all along.

And now I’m standing in a night so clear
The air so still
The stars so near
It’s like I’ve reached the gleaming atmosphere.

Staring at the wall
Water in my hand
No one there to hold me and I don’t know who I am
And it’s like ah… I’ve been here all along

Dreams that slip away from you somehow when I didn’t know how
To hold onto the bottle for myself.
Dreams that lead the way for your somehow when I didn’t know how
To follow down the glassy road myself.

Pull me to the stairs
Hold me in your hands
Who knows what you’ll do this time or where the dice will land
And it’s like ah… we’ve been here all along.

And now I’m standing in a world so blue
A sphere so far away from you

A stream that leads me down so low
There is no me I flow and flow

A world so far away and clear
The music plays, the stars are near
It’s like I’ve reached the gleaming atmosphere.

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Rainbow Bottle

A song about a pedophile who meets a man wearing a red t-shirt and jeans. The man with the red t-shirt and jeans also wears a crown. Sometimes I wonder if this man is Jesus, but I don’t know. It is definitely possible that nowadays Jesus wears a t-shirt and jeans rather than appearing to people in robes. On the other hand, there may be a large number of humanoid beings who interface with us on a divine level.  I don’t know.

As to why this song is about a pedophile, rather than a beautiful sunset shared with friends, read here.

Trees and birds, sky of blue
Flying high- I saw him fly too.

With a crown placed upon him like the sun
And it shined- I had to cover up my eyes
Does he know? Has he seen the things I’ve done?

Clutching to a bottle
It was filled with something purple
I could not control the thoughts that
Danced like monkeys in my head.

Then a man approached me
There was blood upon his fingers and
He led me to a doorway where
He pointed to a bed.

But now you’re here. You stand beside me like a brother
In your red t-shirt and jeans.
But your crown shines so brightly that it’s burning up my eyes…
Have you seen the things I’ve seen?

Were you at the at the orgy
It was filled with naked children
They were dancing in a circle
Just like monkeys in a cave

Looking at my hands again
I can’t stop them from shaking
I don’t want to close my eyes and see
The shadow of a grave.

Were you there when I drank the rainbow bottle?
Did you watch me drag my feet across the floor?
Could you see the drugs were swirling up my mind?
It wasn’t me, the man who opened up that door.

You put your arm around me now
I’m squinting in the sunlight and
You lift the crown from your head and
You lay it onto mine.

Every little memory is coming back with clarity
Burning like an acid through the hollers of my mind.

And I’ll fall because i cannot stop from shaking
And I’ll clutch like a monkey at your knees
And I’ll burn because I know I was mistaken
And yet still I walked to touch the rainbow tree.

Fluffy clouds, sky of blue
Save this man- I am your son too.


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