The 5 Friends

This airy song is probably not the best thing to publish at the heaviest moment of the year’s wheel, but still, here it is- a simple song about 5 sky blue friends.



Five Friends


They walk the road together;
they walk it side by side.
They hold each other’s hands;
they stretch out five men wide.

The sky stretched, too,
a flag of morning glory blue.

See the five of them
walk into the convenient store.
One of them buys the bread,
the other four wait by the door.

That’s what friends do-
they always hover near to you.

When they wander, when they roam,
they will hit the road together.
If one day they build a home,
they say they’ll live in it forever…

what a word…
so carefree and so blue, like a bird…

The five friends eat their meal
at a table that is round;
they never wince and cringe
to hear each other’s munching sounds.

But why?
Because these friends were dipped in sky,
their nerves never run dry.

The five friends walk the road
in matching jeans but different shirts.
They share a bag of snacks,
passing the bag both back and forth.

No concerns-
the five friends don’t believe in germs.

Five friends sit by the fire;
they listen to the music play.
One friend is asked to dance-
these friends are all too shy that way…

turning pink…
perhaps they could just sit and think?

The five friends seek advice
from a wise man at the church.
He says that friends are great,
but still you have to put God first.

And they agree-
but where is God?- He’s hard to see.
Is he a friend inside your mind?
Or could God be the sky?

The five friends vote on it-
the vote is five to none
that God must be the sky;
He shelters everyone,

so clear and sweet,
surrounding us with time and dreams,
surrounding us with space to explore;
that’s what friends are for.

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Man and Bird


I met her on a Thursday when the clouds were so high,
and the mountains reached up like a perch for the sky.
She wore feathers the color of air;
I was crusted in callouses left by despair.Man and Bird

Though she chirruped soft sounds I could not understand,
she smelled blue as the wind and I was just a man;
so I offered her my finger as a wrinkly perch
and I carried her like sweet bride right to my church.

I felt joy descend on my cheek like a wing…
All my life I’d been searching for a woman with the blue eyes of spring!

You know, most women are so heavy always clumping their brooms
as they glare from the side of an eye filled with gloom.
I don’t like them, I don’t need them, I don’t want to say why;
but I did love this sweet bird that fell like an egg from the sky.

But gossip grew after only one week
when the maid saw me lower my lips to her beak.
I won’t deny that my mind was impure;
I fingered her soft head and I would have done more.

But I can’t have my life ending in ignominy
Though I’m old I have gold and I’ve earned every penny.
In a perfect world, she’d be my bride and help me to spend it;
instead I carried my bird inside where I knew I must end it.

Standing in the shadow of a chandelier I told her
that I would not be the man to hold her.

She looked at me through lacy eyes marbled with pain
then she flew away, my little bird, I stood there and leaned on my cane.

And it’s true that it haunts me that look on her face;
shadows flow through my heart- yes, I made a mistake.
But I’m a man, just a man- what else more can I be?
I can’t butcher myself in the press so a bird can be free!

Fly away birds, fly away; you know the spring is long gone…
there’s no seeds for you here on my manicured lawn.

Let me rest in my evening chair in the sun’s pinky glow.
Life ends in regret, that’s our world, and its always been so.


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Blue Bird


Two birds with dots and a setting sun.














I like to think there is a part of our human brains that can understand the language of birds, even if we don’t realize it.  Someday, I am sure humans and birds will communicate freely, and we will realize what a large role birds have always played in our world. After all, birds are the type of creatures that make it their business to know your business, and to spread the word far and wide. Their sphere of interest and influence surely extends far beyond their own species. I have witnessed birds acting on behalf of both rabbits and humans on many occasions.


P.S. Yesterday, James pointed out that sometimes my blog posts, such as the one yesterday, might seem to be minimizing my songs. Well, I thought about it and he’s kind of right. Normally, my blogs do tie in more to the superficial meanings of the songs rather than their deeper undercurrents, possibly making the songs seem a touch more whimsical and airy than they might actually be.

But the thing is, when I write a song, I write from my feelings, and when I write a blog post, I write from my brain, and it is almost as though they have two different personalities. My brain is my less developed and more external self who strives to protect me, and the last thing he wants to do is expose guts and vulnerabilities for all the world to see.


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