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The Jar


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The Pine Fairy Waits for Lightning



Because I’m feeling so dull, curling up in a ball;
when the lightening strikes call me.

Then I’ll come charging out of my hole
with the longest pole you’ve ever seen.
Like a man waking up from a dream.

You see I’ve held in this scream for so long
that it sucks like a serpent inside me.
A fluorescent green light and it bites
through the nights as the moon tries to hide me.

Suckles me with her blankets too thick,
milky white till I sweat and I stick
like a fucking prick.

And yet I will pull through
cause there’s things I must do and no other can do them.
I will wait in my hole till the clouds start to blow
then I’ll run right into them.

Then I’ll come back on fire like a wire
with a poisonous current inside me!
And I’ll slither and slide- never going inside
needing nothing to hide me!

A thrill I guarantee.
They will call me Electricity.


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The Jar


Recently, I was struck by a desire to become friends with the planets of our solar system. I wasn’t sure how to go about this, so I drew the symbol for Uranus on a piece of paper  & placed it beneath my pillow at night, intending to think about it while sleeping. To my surprise, the symbol itself emitted a palpable energy filling my chest with an electrical feeling. And the next morning, I received the greatest shock of my life, a shock so great I lost total control of my bladder and bowels despite being in a public place. For several days, I could neither sleep nor eat, which was a first for me. Time lost all its shape and 12 hours could go by in what seemed like 12 minutes. I spent… I don’t know how long… a few weeks or a month crying nonstop. The reality I thought I had been living in seemed to have been destroyed and I wasn’t sure what reality I was living in any longer. Very slowly though, my mind started to make sense of things and eventually the shocking new bits of information assimilated in my mind to form a reality even more stable than the one which preceded it. Looking back, just a couple months later, I don’t even see what the big deal was. Why should it have come as a surprise at all?

At any rate, this is a song about the planet Uranus. In astrology, he is said to rule events- good or bad- which take you completely by surprise, and I have to say he lived up to his reputation.



The Jar

The avant garde
a show you’ve never seen
to tap the jar
of homosexuality

Into the night
upon electric wings
a sodomite
and all the organisms that he brings

Go far man
fly through the jar
like a free man
be who you are

Fluorescent lights
he turns away from you
into the night
to drink that mountain dew

The lightning rod
upon his limousine
a smile and a nod
all the things I’ve never seen

Go far man
fly through the jar
like a free man
be who you are

I walk on shaking legs
my mind is hypnotized
balancing on wooden pegs
all the things I’ve never tried

To chase a star
to search in darkness for that door
another world
I don’t believe in anymore, man

Fly through the jar
like a free man
be who you are.


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