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The Voices

Do you hear all the voices?
They converge like a cloud
Clutch my head and I hide in a corner
They follow me follow me round.

They say life is a quick dream
Now it’s time to awake
Let your legs carry you to the river
And wash away every mistake.

You could fly!!!!

Watch my eyes in the mirror
How they float to the side
I can feel them behind me they stand
And they place all the thoughts in my mind.

They say life is an imprint
On a window so clear
First you have to release from your body
And then you’ll know everything’s real.

You could fly!!!!

Please, I just want to stay
There’s a man who I could love again
So I forced my hands thru the dirt
But what do you feel feel feel feel?

I feel hurt.

So you’ll come to the river
We’ll release all the pain
Like a shell sinking down to the bottom
Our hands falling on you like rain.

You could fly!!!!!

Please stop let me think twice
There could be fire, a new paradise
I dreamt red drops dripping like rain
But what do you feel feel feel feel?

I feel pain.

Chaos view.
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On High

This is a song I heard in a dream so those I usually just write down without judgment. It is different because at the time I was obsessively surrounding myself only with the colors white, yellow & gold in the hopes that they would protect me from black swirls. Did they? It is hard to say. The black storms still occurred but I got way more help from fb friends than I could have imagined (gold) and was able to learn new skills quicker than I thought possible (yellow.) So I didn’t control the whole universe, but it’s still something.

All the winds were blowing
And their thoughts were filling my mind
Everybody watching
Looking to the sky for a sign
Water started rolling
Changing everything that it touched
Filled our hearts with knowing
All the things that hurt us too much
On high on high on high
On high on high on high.

Caught up in the weakness
Thought it was chance I could take
Till I saw him coming
Then I knew I made a mistake.
But were there people watching?
All these thoughts were filling my mind
Could there be something starting
To bring us in a new wave of time?
On high on high on high
on high on high on high

Are there people watching?
Feel them there each time that you move
Reaching out for something
But somehow always missing the groove
Maybe there was something
Something that he couldn’t explain
Dipping in your fingers
And feeling just a little more pain.

Still the winds are blowing
Living in a world of their own
Once they get it rolling
Then we’ll see the reason to go
In me blue was flowing
All its voices filling my mind
Left me with the knowing
That there was something better to find
On high on high on high
On high on high on high.

In case you would like to donate a drop of money for music. I hope that in the future, when people think of me they will also think of money.
* * *

When I found myself suddenly alone with no income, selling my possessions became the obvious choice, especially since that would make things easier if I ended up on the streets. Luckily one of my obsessions is glass. I love its clear gelatinous nature & it happens to sell rather well on ebay which is a ray of hope. I assume my ebay identity is julienaklei…. not that I am necessarily encouraging anyone to go to my ebay store- it is just me selling everything I own, not my crowning achievement per se.

A glass lady bug. I love vivid orange glass especially. So refreshing.
A “WV Day” piece from Blenko glass. These are limited edition & so sell for a lot of money.
A dog & a “pink ice” bottle.
A glass key chain with the letter W on it. For George W Bush.
A glass mushroom with a red cap.
Business cards. I figured I could also do astrology readings to support myself. I tuck one into the box of everything I sell on ebay.