The Pine Fairy Waits for Lightning



Because I’m feeling so dull, curling up in a ball;
when the lightening strikes call me.

Then I’ll come charging out of my hole
with the longest pole you’ve ever seen.
Like a man waking up from a dream.

You see I’ve held in this scream for so long
that it sucks like a serpent inside me.
A fluorescent green light and it bites
through the nights as the moon tries to hide me.

Suckles me with her blankets too thick,
milky white till I sweat and I stick
like a fucking prick.

And yet I will pull through
cause there’s things I must do and no other can do them.
I will wait in my hole till the clouds start to blow
then I’ll run right into them.

Then I’ll come back on fire like a wire
with a poisonous current inside me!
And I’ll slither and slide- never going inside
needing nothing to hide me!

A thrill I guarantee.
They will call me Electricity.


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