To Love America is to Love Life

Sometimes there are issues which bang on my head until I feel compelled to say something about them, although I would prefer to be writing about something else. In general, I think of world affairs as being a man topic, so I really hope men can overcome the cultural messaging to “sit down and shut up” and instead find the balls to stand and speak against all the leftist nonsense that is happening. Even if it means taking a beating in the process.

Today I am feeling annoyed by the trendiness of anti-American sentiment. America is constantly characterized in the worst possible terms and disliking America is practically considered a sign of sophistication. Of course, much of this anti-American sentiment comes from mentally challenged Americans who believe it makes them seem cosmopolitan and righteous. But it bothers me it is because- in my opinion- it is yet another tentacle of the leftist brain octopus which is trying to align our thoughts in a way that will make it easy to rob us of our power.

Men are bad, guns are bad, America is bad. Do you see the trend? Anything that has power, anything which can protect life at a root level is being demonized. Red is bad. Pride is bad. Patriotism is bad. Those things which make us strong in the root and give us the ability to survive so we can chart a course of our own choosing are bad.

Criticizing a country as large and diverse as America is obviously an easy task. Whatever bad qualities you go looking for, you are likely to find, just as you can walk into a library and find books on your least favorite subject. But the fact remains that America is currently the largest and most powerful country which has traditionally stood against communism and this is something all freedom lovers should care about. America doesn’t matter just for itself. It is one of the forces standing between all of us and totalitarianism. If America falls to leftism, things do not look good for anyone. But if America pulls through, it helps protect the freedom of the whole world.

And there is no need to put down America. There is no competition between different countries anymore than the dandelion and the oak need to compete. We all have our unique things to offer.

But let’s not be idiots and pretend like America isn’t a critical player on the world stage. For this reason, people who value freedom should find another country to hate. People around the globe- and Americans themselves- should love America and help us to fight off the plague of leftism threatening to overtake us.

To be a friend to America is to be a friend to yourself.

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On A Mexican Trail


Garth Brooks and his horse on a mountain path in Mexico.
A picture of Garth Brooks on a mountain path in Mexico. Did he manage to escape the Nashville Blackbird?


A song about the Mexican Fire Bird… a gigantic orange bird who helps people escape constrained, repressive circumstances (including prison).  The Mexican Fire Bird frequently guides people out west to where the grid of the earth is wide and spacious and they can once again take deep breaths of exhilaration and adventure.

The Mexican Fire Bird has many friends, but also enemies, including one black bird so large he is the size of four cars (and bigger when his wings are spread.) He snatches musicians with his beak and carries them way up high, so high that everyone can see them, a shining star at last, until he drops them onto a large pile of rocks by a creek somewhere in Henderson County, Tennessee. After that, I don’t know what happens… probably he eats their remains.

Some people say this black bird makes his nest on top of the large bat building in downtown Nashville. But at any rate, he is a sworn enemy to the Mexican Fire Bird. Because the Mexican Fire Bird teaches people to seek the fire within, and the Nashville Blackbird can only prey on those looking to find fire in other peoples’ eyes.



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Love It Don’t Mean Nothing


Lady with snake, pearls, and ribbon.

Well, I guess this would be my free love song…  I wrote it while living in L.A.

In L.A. the element of freedom was absolute. Finally, a place where people were free to explore past lives and send golden beams of gratitude to their guardian angels, but also a place where Hugh Hefner was free to parade around in his silky underwear. The sheep could roam freely, but the wolves could eat openly, so all in all it was hard to say if you were better off or not.

So at any rate, this made me nostalgiac for Kentucky, where there is little tolerance for non-conformity of any sort. The land of yellow and green squares, fences, and bread baskets. A place where Hugh Hefner is only free so long as he keeps it within the family.




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