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Only Blue

First the sound of laughing.
Life is all around. I lie.
Close my eyes again and I
Feel it falling down. I fly.

I can see behind me.
I see you.
I remember then when you
Were my only blue.

All the waves come crashing
To my mind that’s how it goes.
I was stationed like a pool.
You were free to go.

Falling down into me
Now I can’t explain why I’m
Reaching out to touch your face
Touch me back and then I fly.

Hover in the air to watch you there.
You were getting bored the more that I tried.
And my arms blew all around you like a storm and nothing more.
You stayed inside.

Raining down again I try
To remember all you said.
But the pieces never fit
Piling up inside my head.

Close my eyes again and I
I see you.
Take me back again to when
You’re my only blue.

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