Charleston, West Virginia Music & Songs Sky Blue, Ether, Flags, and Fairies


Wake up to pounding fear
Water rush through my ear
What did I imagine from last night?

Down through the hall to creep
Move slow the baby sleeps
Feel the walls still quivering in fright.

How did I get so weak?
How to fall so low?
When at first it felt so good to be controlled?

Warm up a slice of pie
Step slow. The baby lies.
What did I imagine from last night?

Hold head and cover eyes.
Prepare for the sun to rise
Tell brain be steady and comply.

Cause if I defend myself
He’ll knock me down again
But at first, it felt like nothing to let him win.

God you said it was true love
Breathed so deep in my ear
If that wasn’t your voice then what did I hear?

Gaze through the window pain
Clouds dry, there willl be no rain.
Gaze through the future thin & blue.

Far past the cloudy skies
Past baby where he lies
There’s no point further out than you.

How did I get so dumb?
How’d I get so slow?
When at first it felt like faith to lose control?

Lift my head up off the floor.
Must continue on.
But my first mistake was believing in you God.

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