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We Fly

Everyone knows the way these boys start
Fluttering on the ground
Lifting their eyes towards the sky
Then circling round and round

Then they fly
Like a feather on the way
And they fly
Everyone knows the day

Lighting a candle when she sees him
Standing there in the door
Laying her wings upon the table
Won’t need them anymore

Then they fly.
Like a feather on its way
And they fly
Everyone knows the day

I gave up dancing to amuse you
That only worked before
Laying my candles in a circle
Lighting them on the floor, and I fly

Lying upon the bed in darkness
Dreaming of jealousy
So many dreams I dreamed I never
Once of being free, and to fly

Lying upon the bed in darkness
Held safely by the wrist
One ruby column shines like anger
One is just a fist

Walking into the room you lay
Your beer on the tableside
Laying your hands upon my face
For one moment you’ll be mine

And we’ll fly
Like a feather on his way
And we’ll fly
Everyone knows the day.

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Random Thought #1: I don’t know how much longer I can keep making recordings because it  is so much pain just to get the most primordial recording. Technology is cold and hard. I wish there was a plastic pink recording machine made for kids that I could use with just a few chubby buttons to press and no cords.

Random Thought #2: You can never reach Truth, but the search for it causes your reality to expand. I think that is the whole purpose of truth- not to pin down reality, but to open it up. Though I don’t consider myself a virtuous person, Truth would probably be one of my favorite virtues, if I had to choose. It is always exciting and gives you little chills up and down your spine.

If I had to choose a God, I might choose the God of Truth, because I do believe truth will set us free. And the more truth we know- including dark truth- the more we realize everything is okay. Somehow, we are already living in Teddy Bear World and just don’t know it. I hope.

Random Dog Photo: Downtown with Slippers observing city life. People who go out 2 have fun at night- What do they do? we wondered. Why & how do they do it?

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