Ghouls and Thin Men

I mentioned a couple posts back that I was going to stop doing astrology readings in order to avoid being visited by people’s ‘ghosts.’ However, now that I have stopped, the ghost-thingies have not stopped coming. In fact, every interaction, even the briefest of facebook exchanges, is now accompanied by these emotion-filled transparencies. Luckily,¬† these are usually just colored blobs that surround (and sometimes overlap) my head, and not head to toe ‘possessions’ like I was experiencing before.

Still, especially when I am interacting with a decent number of people, these blobs can become quite unpleasant, not to mention confusing, especially while I am still in the early stages of learning what they mean. James insists that the more I embrace and understand them, the less bothersome these perceptions will become. Considering that I seem to have no choice in the matter, I just hope he is right.

I don’t think of myself as someone who sees ghosts (now I am using the word ‘ghost’ in the technical sense) because- praise the Lord- I do not see transparent people floating through old houses. I cannot even imagine how freaky that would be. However, I do see things invisible beings which attach themselves to humans and feed off their energy. Sometimes I call these things ghosts. There are two different types I am aware of (although this isn’t a subject I have yet given much though to, so I may have to amend my statements at a later date.)

1. Ghouls. Ghouls are blobular entities that connect to the bottom half of a person’s body where they feed off their sexual energy. The telltale sign of a ghoul is little droplets of blood coming off the corners of a person’s mouth. (That is how I perceive them anyway.) Ghouls seem to have the effect of giving a person an outsized desire for ‘red things,’ such as sex, power, & bloody, iron rich foods. There is a gruesome quality to ghouls which make me feel nauseated in their presence although their host may be an otherwise pleasant person. If you are interacting with an intelligent, clean and thoughtful person who still leaves you wanting to wretch you may be in the presence of a ghoul.

2. Thin Men. (I just made this name up for fun. I don’t know if there are official names for these things or not.)

Thin men also live off a person’s red energy, but unlike ghouls they do not drive their host to seek more and more blood. Instead,the thin man will encourage the host to stay focused on spirituality, leaving the bottom half of the body unguarded. This allows the thin man to move in and live for free off a person’s life energy. I believe thin men are actually male ancestors, while ghouls are non-human. The telltale sign of a thin man is an empty gray rectangle overlaying the bottom half of the body. Or in a more practical sense, there may be a noticeable absence or rich earthy energy and colors in a person’s life.

In fact, if you want to protect yourself from thin men (who are far more common than ghouls), it is a good idea to be a little hearty and peasant-like in your approach to life rather than jumping onto the white, spiritual zen aesthetic that is currently trending. Think twice before doing the recommended morning meditation of focusing on your breath, and consider taking that time to clip coupons or google topless pics of your favorite Hollywood hunk (if you are a woman, I mean). If you are a man, you can take it up a notch and try hunting or chopping wood. Identifying yourself with all that is practical, tangible and lusty will make you an unsuitable host for the thin man.

I will probably have more to say about attachments in the future. I have seen these sorts of things for a while, but was always trying to push them out of my mind¬† in an effort to avoid going insane. Now I am trying the opposite approach. Only time will tell which way is the wiser…


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