Charleston, West Virginia Music & Songs Red, Soldiers, & Fire

I have friends.

I have friends. They are red.
Close my eyes, I can taste them
Burning hands on my face
Feel their heat, I am never alone.

Circle round, step in close
Feel their fire, let it burn me
Spinning now, I can’t breath
Feel their drums, let them turn me to home.

Guiding me through the ground
I want to dance in your fire through the night.
Falling down, topple me
So many arms that they turn into the light.

Is life cold? Is life mean?
All alone trusting no one.
Then they come touching me
Life is warm. I am never alone.

We are many. We are one
And we will dance thru the flame into the night.
Melting down, swallowing
So many arms that they turn into the light.

All my friends, circle round
Holding hands, never broken
We are one, center bound
Spinning arms, we are never alone.

Build our bed flaming red
And we will laugh as we dance into night.
Falling down through the ground
So many hands that they turn into light.

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