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Neptune in Aries

Neptune is the planet which rules society’s ideals- the traits that are valued and rewarded. As I wrote in a previous post, Neptune is currently (from  2011 to 2025) travelling through the sign of Pisces, causing sensitivity, compassion, victimhood and sometimes even insanity to be treated as virtues.

In 2025, Neptune moves into Aries, which should produce a drastic change in the qualities we value and demonize in others.

Pisces, as I discussed earlier, is an impractical, idealistic sign ruled by feelings, tears, and dreams. Pisces doesn’t understand why we fight wars. Pisces doesn’t understand why only people with money have nice things. Pisces doesn’t understand why football players tackle each other or people want weapons to defend themselves. Pisces doesn’t know why suicide is wrong, because for Pisces life is not an ultimate value. Pisces rules peace, freedom from pain, and death.

Aries, on the other hand, is a warrior, and lives in the physical world of animals where survival is the chief concern. He rewards those traits which help to ensure survival, such as strength, vigor, bravery, hard work and aggression. Also, those traits that lead to survival on a group level, such as patriotism.

Under Aries, people will show off their strengths, rather than using their weaknesses to get attention. The stories of abuse and mistreatment will give way to tales of victory and triumph. Rugged activities like camping, hunting, and boxing, may become more popular than yoga, meditation, and therapy. Excessive focus on feelings will be seen as self-serving and unproductive. Compassion will no longer be the chief indicator of goodness, but rather a good person will be one who is productive, hardworking and brave.

So here are a few tips to consider, to help prepare for the changes ahead. Maybe with some slight adjustments, in 2025 you could become the ideal person!

  • Forget about feelings, spirituality and the inner world. The external, physical world will become the only one that matters and you will be judged by your competency in it.
  • Beef up your survival skills. Grow food, hunt, cook, build your own home, shoot your own intruders. Maybe move to West Virginia!
  • Develop a work ethic. Under Aries, people will be expected to carry their own weight, and preferably the weight of a few others as well. Welfare may fall out of favor.
  • Be macho. The macho man may come back as an ideal while the desirability of effeminate men may plummet. Even for women, independence, bravery, pride and ballsiness may be favored.
  • Be a meathead. Consider focusing on classic meathead concerns, like big muscles, fast cars, switchblades and a willingness to fight.
  • Get in shape. Physical fitness and athleticism may become prime traits for people to possess. This would be a great time to stop writing in your journal and start playing basketball!
  • Become a patriot. To Pisces, who rules selflessness, patriotism is a vice. Pisces  wants us to sacrifice ourselves for the good of others and if we should die in the process, all the better!  But with Aries we return to the practical value of putting one’s own person, family and country first.
  • Consider a trade. With Neptune in physical Aries, those who work with their hands will rise in stature.  So consider becoming a plumber, carpenter or electrician. Also, jobs that require bravery, like policing, soldiering and firefighting will be held in high esteem.
  • Don’t go to college (unless you need to). Not only will trades once again rise in value, but knowledge (like women’s studies) that doesn’t hold a practical value may be viewed as suspect.
  • With food, go back to basics. Eat what is practical, affordable and reasonably healthy.  Like a peanut butter sandwich. Those who spend a large chunk of their energy acquiring trendy foods may be seen as delicate and self-serving.
  • Be a person of action. Aries is all about action. Don’t expect to be judged on your professed feelings and beliefs any longer. Be someone who can make a tangible difference. Be willing to show your love by pulling people from a mudslide, rather than calling them by their preferred pronoun.

The downside to Aries is that he does rule violence and war. He can also make people so brave and hot-headed that they become foolish, rushing into a fight when it would be better to hold back. Aries rules survival- but not stability.  That will not become an ideal until 2039, when Neptune moves into Taurus. That will be the time to earn respect by being as wealthy, fat, boring and stable as humanly possible. To buy land and a big house stuffed to the brim with Things. But Aries will not judge people on their bank account, only their willingness to rise to the needs of the moment.


  • Although Neptune won’t officially enter Aries until 2025, we should start feeling the effects trickle in earlier. In a sense, each sign is just a natural response to the excesses of the sign that came before it. The more people in society play a victimized Piscean role, floating through an inner world of pain, the more others are compelled to seek something brisk and capable. Perhaps Donald Trump is the first piece of the Aries forces that are to come. If so, resistance to him is futile, because he represents a course correction which is as necessary as it is inevitable.
  • Wherever Neptune goes, it reawakens forgotten values, but also tends to take ideas to ridiculous extremes. Neptune in Aries is certain to bring us lots of crazy fads and notions just as Neptune in Pisces did. I only hope it does not bring danger. It is no comfort that the last time Neptune entered Aries was the start of the Civil War.

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I’ve noticed some people have negative associations with the word meathead. Personally, I don’t.

It’s funny you mentioned West Virginia. Been considering a move when Neptune Aries transit begins. Btw, Aries is in my 12th house. Sure could use solitude before re-entering into forefront when Neptune’s on my Taurus Ascendant. ☺

Very good analysis, Julian. For years I’ve been waiting to see if war will come in 2025
just like it did in 1861. Already we are seeing America fighting to restore its greatness. At the same time China seems to be rising to reclaim its thousands of years of superiority. Will this lead to both nations to war? I have been finding out that this is already being discussed online by different parties. I guess I’m feeling like we all should still be feeling peaceful like when Neptune is still in Pisces. I’ve been to China many times and I love their culture. America and China should be friends.

I cannot wait. This entire “cry me a river” culture has got the US ass up. Apparently my sun/mars conjunct isn’t showing and you sound like a water sign. Ot lofty air.

Yeah, I’m a water sign. Not that lofty, lol. Though I do have a gemini moon so good call all around.

I’m not affiliated with a religion but don’t forget that in addition to the ram, Aries is represented by the Lamb, which is associated with Jesus in Christianity. With the craziness and possible maleficence surrounding this whole covid-19 business, maybe something even bigger than war amongst us mortal beings is on the horizon. Maybe the Christians are right about Jesus returning this time. This suspicious mystery of this pandemic has angered me enough to have started giving it more thought! I have Aries on the 12th too. With Neptune/Pisces currently on my 11th, I’ve had it with the complacent, gullible, unquestioning people surrounding me who gleefully allow wool over their eyes. The funny twist is that while most of the world finally starts to forgo the social distancing around 2025… those of us with Aries on the 12th will be the ones staying inside, safe when the shit really hits the fan and all hell literally breaks loose. Folks will wish a virus (even a bad one) was the only thing to defeat as they slowly start to realize that they were staying home, allowing demons to mark their territory out there.

Yikes. That sounds horrible. Maybe it won’t be that bad. I’m sure there have been recurring periods of insanity throughout history which haven’t always led to the ultimate disaster. Or who knows- maybe the future is not yet determined & we are the ones who shape it!!!

Im also taurus rising and those thoughts run my mind constantly. What about uranus trine pluto 2024, is that our saving grace?

It will mean world war using NUKES; everyone had better be prepping now. This potential is off the charts.

There really is no surviving nuclear war… one main reason?… There will be ongoing and permanent issues with THE 450+ power plants that will eventually all melt down. NOW, the real issue with those is … the spent fuel rod ponds … once the fires start in those… THEY CAN NEVER BE PUT OUT… they will burn far into the future… soooo, folks, there is no romantic and “enlightened” or survivalist ANYTHING… once the SHTF… we are DONE… PLUTO IN AQUARIUS… DEATH OF MAN… (AQUARIUS, the first sign that is depicted with a human alone… )….Some say, if anyone can make it to the islands closest to the ANTARCTIC… there may be a chance that the amounts of radiation will be not as bad… but, i doubt that the quality of life, will be worth it….

Literally the first battle on Apr 14 1861 was when Neptune entered Aries. Found your article with these key words “Neptune Aries civil war.” Thanks for broadcasting your perspective. We’ll cross that bridge if/when we get there. God willing

Has any one here, studied anything on ECOLOGICAL OVERSHOOT… The science, of what is happening to EARTH is enough to make one’s heart break. Most of what was said here, can be true, because it will be ONE WAY in which Neptune in Aries manifests… I am quite afraid of all the reactionary AND divisive processes going on. Life will be difficult enough, as ecological beakdown occurrs… but the SOICOLOGIC breakdown could be TERRIFYING… The BEST way to handle what is happening, already and the continuing downslide, would be to STUDY the science of OVERSHOOT, climate change and overpopulation. There are NO ANSWERS at this point. We are WAY past any answers to save INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION, which is THE MAIN CAUSE of all of this… the problem is that, certain groups will be blamed, scapegoated …. please try to refrain from falling for negative expressions of Neptune in Aries… I know that sometimes it is difficult to even know what the “right expression” is of any planet in a sign … but, COMPASSION, EMPATHY, COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION will be the way to LESSEN the violence that can be the other side of this coin.

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