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Be a Friend to Karen so Karen can be a Friend to You

One disturbing trend I have noticed recently is the re-emergence of the word Karen after a few months of lying low.

The first time I heard this word it gave me chills, despite it’s mild exterior. It raises so many questions.

Why- at a time when speech is being suppressed left and right- do we need a slur for people who want to talk to the manager (aka someone willing to question authority)?

Why is this slur directed at the sex which generally has the hardest time being assertive to begin with?

Why did they choose a name that sounds so much like Caring? Why did they choose a mother of eight to be the face of this slur?

Why are slurs being invented to specifically target white women at the exact time when using slurs against other groups will cost you your job and reputation?

Is it a coincidence that this slur came to prominence right before mandatory masking & social distancing began? First you are shamed for being voicy, then measures are taken which make it physically difficult to have one. Now you can only communicate through social media- and they clamp down harder on free speech everyday.

If there was ever a time we needed women who care enough to speak out, it would be now.

And still it is peculiar that they choose to target females. Why? I think there are several reasons…

1. Women are probably more suggestive and susceptible to shaming.

2. Women are the primary communicators of the human race. Men generally take bold action *after* a period of females expressing dissatisfaction with the status quo. Women are birds who control the flow of information through the group mind.

3. If you can get men to start using the word Karen & denigrating women with voices then BAM their balls fall off. Because it seems to me that displaying some degree of gallantry* towards women is necessary for men to access their full masculine powers. So by getting men to sneer at ‘Karens’ you have managed to emasculate men & muzzle women in one swoop.

* I would like to clarify what I mean about gallantry since it has, in my mind, two divergent meanings. One form of gallantry is when men court women in a flowery fashion. This is frequently accompanied by anger if women do not respond in the desired way or conduct themselves in a manner that men consider feminine.

What I mean by gallantry is closer to tolerance. I believe men should give women a long leash to be themselves & speak their minds despite the fact that it may cause men discomfort. The fact that women are weaker than men makes them more sensitive instruments. They know things men can’t know & perceive things men can’t perceive. Without the unfiltered insights of women, it seems doubtful that men can achieve true wisdom.

Women need this intersex communication as well, because men’s minds seem to have extra connection points to physical reality which enable them to turn perceptions & nebulous things into practical courses of action.

And the key to this process is men being manly enough to be able to take women in their unfiltered state. The true danger to a man is not a Karen, but a woman who plays to his ego, causing it to swell with infected pus. Other than this flattery based trickery, men don’t generally have much to fear from women. So why NOT let women exist outside of man made judgments? This may be the only thing which prevents men from boring themselves to death.

So please, in conclusion, may all humans recognize the role of women as the birds & barometers of the human race & refuse to take part in shaming them into a deadly silence.

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