The Bold


It started out so hot and so mangled
There was no time to breathe.
But in the end so dark and tangled
There was no way to leave.

You watch the planes flying off in the distance
But don’t dare to rise from your chair.
Just twist & chew another lock of your hair.

First you tried to speak to him in some way
That would not make him mad.
Then you tried to understand him in
Some way that would not make you sad.

You watch the planes flying off in the distance
To capture that disk bright & bold.
Nice try friends, but life makes you wait for the gold.

Things that fly through the sky
Things that lie on the floor one day dreaming they’ll crawl to the door
Things that fall deep in the night like a star
Things so lost in the woods they should just stay where they are.

You know that God is made of pure gold
And your husband is made of pure black.
He needs you to tell him that he’s winning
And tell him that you have his back.

Planes fly high in the sky and then vanish
Deep into the dark mountain’s fold.
Goodbye friends, life has its way with the bold.


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