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I trusted you

I Trusted You


I trusted you; your pale white face
I walked through snow to your winter place
Wearing no shoes; covered only in lace
Snowflakes fell to their death upon my face

As you waited for me inside.
But I didn’t know you had already died.

Your green eyes shone; they seemed to say
Every star that shines, it can be yours one day.
Though skin peeled and fell from your arm
I never felt alarm

I just stared into your eyes.
How could I have known you had already died?

Something hides deep in a cave
The darkest part of your ribcage
It can’t be seen; it has to hide
It can’t let anyone know that you already died.

In a deep dark well, I had lost some things
I gave you everything that it was possible to demean.
You seemed to shine, but it was only the glow
Of decay but I didn’t know

That God is always high
A pure white sheet in the sky
He never cuts us with a knife
Just to see us cry.

But I never flinched
I just held out my hand.
Love was a concept I did not understand.

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