AKLEI Cardano Stake Pool

Cardano is a cryptocurrency likely to go way up in value in coming years because it is built to offer a lot of value and can potentially render the majority of current financial institutions irrelevant.

The systems is built on “stake pools” one of which is run by me- AKLEI Stake Pool. When you place your money in a Cardano wallet, you then stake your wallet to a pool which enables you to get money from the pool each time your pool creates a “block.” Staking your wallet does not limit how you can use or spend your money in any way. Think of it as having a checking account which pays you interest.

If you would like to buy Cardano and stake with me, you will need to download Yoroi, a free Cardano wallet. Next, you will need to buy some ADA (Cardano) which in many cases can be done directly through an option to buy on Yoroi, depending on where you live. If that does not work for you, then you will want to set up a coinbase account to buy ADA and then transfer that ADA to your wallet.

If you need help, please ask. ([email protected])

If you use fb, I also have a stakepool group you can join.