Astrology Readings

If you would like an astrology reading, contact me at [email protected] or through facebook.

Price is $200 and it will cover your transits for the upcoming year. If there is a specific situation you are dealing with that you would like to be addressed, please tell me about it & that will help me focus on how the coming transits may interact with you. Transits are forces that impact us- like weather- but how you experience them depends a lot on your situation to begin with, just as a flood will be experienced differently by someone who lives on a hill & someone who lives near a creek.,

For example, if you are having a “divorce transit” but are gay & single, it could just be a fun time when you need extra protection. Likewise a “mother dying” transit will not kill your mother if she is already dead.

The transits are one half of the equation and the other half is your current circumstances. It is really the interaction of the two which predicts likely challenges & opportunities. So feel free to share- this isn’t a psychic reading & I’m not omniscient. Just a weatherman.

You do need to know the date, time & location of your birth.

Also- I currently do them through writing which can be fb, twitter, email, whatever you like. And if you are the sort of person who just wants a reading WITHOUT sharing anything, that is totally fine too.