Astrology Readings

If you would like an astrology reading, contact me at [email protected] or through facebook.

Pricing is flexible & people generally pay me through buying one or more items off my amazon wish list.

I can do birth chart readings, but my favorite are transit readings which cover your astrology transits for approximately the next year. No knowledge of astrology is needed.

Astrology transits predict things such as emotions, relationship & career issues and many other random things. They are somewhat general and do not predict specific events. For example, if Uranus is crossing over your moon, you can expect to be shocked when it comes to your emotions, home and relationships with women. But will you be locked up in an insane asylum being electrocuted or shaken to the core by your mother’s suicide? While some guesses can be made based on the house in which your moon lives, it is hard to know precisely what will happen. Still with most transits there are ideas available to help you navigate them more smoothly.

You must know the date, time & location of your birth!